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About Airport Link Company

Airport Link Company (ALC) operates the Green Square, Mascot, Airport Domestic and Airport International Train Stations.

These stations are located in the nine kilometre Airport Line tunnel, which is 23 metres below the earth’s surface. This tunnel links Sydney Airport with Central Station, the Sydney Central Business District and 300 train stations in Greater Sydney and beyond.

The tunnel and the Airport Line stations were constructed during 1995 – 2000. The project cost $900 million, created 3,000 jobs and was opened in readiness for the Olympics on the 21st May 2000. This completed project was named Airport Link and was the largest single transport infrastructure project associated with the Sydney Olympics.

Today, Airport Link has emerged to become an important part of Sydney’s Public Transport Network. The Airport Line stations are well patronised and during calendar year 2018 are expected to accommodate more than 26 million passengers – being the Airport Line’s most successful year yet.

Why do you pay extra to use Airport Link, at the Airport Stations, compared to other trains in Sydney?

Airport Link, was built and funded by private investment.

ALC is the private company which operates and manages these stations, with the help of more than 70 employees and 50 contracted maintenance, security and cleaning staff. The company also maintains and staffs a 24 hour, 365-days-a-year operations room, is open every day of the year and assists with the movement of more than 100,000 trains each year on the Airport Line.

In this way, ALC participates in the provision of Public Transport for Sydney, but does so entirely as a private company. ALC’s activities at Sydney Airport are not subsidised by government or the taxpayer.

In order to fund the infrastructure and conduct the company’s operational activities, ALC charges a Gate Pass at the airport stations. The Gate Pass is an amount payable in addition to the standard rail ticket. These Gate Pass charges are detailed in the price page of this website.

We trust you enjoy your Airport Link experience. Airport Link delivers you from Sydney Airport into the Sydney Central Business District (and beyond) with reliability and speed.

When travelling on the Airport Link you also contribute to reducing pollution and traffic congestion within Sydney. And please take a moment to consider that you are also travelling through the longest twin-track rail tunnel in Australia; a 9 kilometre unique and marvellous engineering achievement.