Directions from Maze Backpackers to Sydney Airport

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From Hotel

From Maze Backpackers turn left into Pitt Street and continue for 220 metres. Turn right into Goulburn Street and continue for 110 metres. Turn left into Castlereagh Street and continue for 55 metres.

At that point you will arrive at Museum Station.

Buy a train ticket to Sydney Airport.

Then go to Platform 2.

Trains on Platform 2 go directly to the Sydney Airport. Please check the train TV notification screen to indicate that the train goes to the Airport.

Stay on the train till you reach Sydney Airport Domestic Train Station or Sydney Airport International Train Station.

From the Hotel, we estimate the travel time to be approximately 17 minutes.



Maze Backpackers to Sydney Domestic Terminal (Maximum Charge)

Adult Child
Single $18.70 $15.00


  • Child age is between 4 and under 16. Children under 4 travel free.
  • See for Opal card Fares and benefits.
  • Please note that ticket prices in this section are as at July 2018 and are subject to change.

Visit for latest fare and timetable information.

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