How to find Airport Station Locations

Where are the train stations at Sydney Airport?

There are two train stations at Sydney Airport. One is below the Domestic Passenger Terminals (T2 & T3) and the other is below the International Passenger Terminal (T1).

  • Sydney International Airport Terminal 1

    At Sydney International Airport Terminal 1, the Station Entrance is at the north (city) end of the terminal. When you come out of the arrivals hall, into the public area, turn right and walk for about 150 metres. The station entrance is down past the Mcdonalds Restaurant.

  • Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2

    At Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2, the Station Entrance is near Virgin Airlines Baggage Carousel 2.

  • Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 3

    At Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 3, the Station Entrance is near Qantas Airlines Baggage Carousel 1.

In all cases, look for the train direction signs in the terminals.